Our objective is to offer sustainable luxury fashion, we are a season-less brand that is deliberately crafted in small quantities. A sincere interest in the environment and the impact the fashion industry has on it, we extend this to every aspect of our work. For you we have created a capsule wardrobe that is thoughtful in design and practise. 

SØSTER STUDIO was founded in Oslo in 2017 by Pernille Nadine where our jewellery is still crafted. Every ready-to-wear piece is now made in exclusively in London. 

As a community SØSTER aims to be as social and environmentally responsible as possible, as well as transparent. 

We are vegetarian – using strictly no leather, fur, skins or feather. This also means you will find as little plastic as possible in our clothing, branding and packaging. 

All of the imagery created for branding and press purposes is the result of a collaboration by our team to show the models and the range simply as they are and without any retouching or image applications.





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